PC gaming on the big screen with the IGUGU Gamecore

Though it’s not really that difficult to get your PC to display on a big TV, it’s possibly beyond casual users. Add to this the fact that you could still be shackled to keyboard and mouse and you have a bit of a problem if you want the freedom to play games like your mates with consoles.

Enter IGUGU’s Gamecore, a wireless controller featuring a trackball, direction pad, joystick, programmable action buttons, a full QWERTY keyboard and six accelerometers that accurately detect your movements.

Not only does this open up a wealth of game-controlling possibilities, but because the system is PC based it can run 99% of all PC games and all Internet-based ones. That’s something your console-owning friends can’t boast.

It can all link up to your TV either via VGA or HDMI input. You just need a receiver near to your TV and you’re free to go wireless.

OK, so wireless controllers aren’t exactly new in the console arena, but if you’re approaching a serious PC gamer, this could be what your setup needs.

What’s more, it’s expected to retail for just $79, which doesn’t sound at all bad to me. You don’t need any new games, either, though once you start playing you may well want to get some more.

IGUGU Gamecore

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