Plants vs Zombies Paper-Mache (Papier-mâché)

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Two good friends are getting married this weekend. For their pre-wedding “hello and meet everyone else” dinner they hired the help of a caterer who is also adept with Papier-mâché. The theme: Plants vs Zombies.

According to the caterer, this was the first time she was ever commissioned to do a “Plants vs Zombies” themed dinner (note the small touches to the flower vases with “Help” “Options” and “Quit”).

The zombies and Pea Shooter were made out of paper-mache while the centerpiece (i.e. Pepper) are the real deal with stickers.

More zombies (and plants) after the break.

That’s the floating zombie sans the balloon.

You know what’s great about these zombies? Just like the real thing, they have problem staying up so we had to prop them against a piece of cutlery for photo sessions.

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