Cheap, compact charging stations: the IDAPT i2 and i3

If there’s one thing that bugs me the most about owning a lot of power-guzzling gadgets, it’s the fact that they can take up so much space and wall outlets, plus create a nice trip hazard with all the cabling.

I’ve already done away with (nearly) all of the gizmos that won’t take rechargeable batteries, but I’m still left with power bricks and USB cables, and when I’ve looked a charging stations before they’ve tended to be expensive — or perhaps I just assumed they’d be expensive.

Enter the IDAPT i2 and i3 charging stations: two/three port charging stations complete with six popular charging tips.

Twenty-two tips are available, claiming to cover a whopping 3,500 devices, so chances are high that your gadget is covered. If not, and it takes rechargeable batteries, you can charge those as well.

Gadgets can sit neatly on the device even when not being charged, so you don’t really have an excuse for losing your mobile phone or iPod.

For those who get really peeved that many modern devices don’t have an “off” switch (my hand is up) — the IDAPTs do.

The price? Just £20 or £30 (that’s about $30/$45). The six charging tips supplied are iPod/iPhone, microUSB, miniUSB, Nokia 2, Samsung 4 and Sony Ericsson 2.

Oh yeah, you can get them in bright pink, too. Natch.



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