Concept printer uses pencils

The paperless office that was promised back in the last century never happened, and despite our increased use of the Internet and electronic gadgets, plus the endless little green pleas about saving the environment on the signature of nearly every corporate email, we still love to print stuff out.

Printing technology, then, continues to evolve. Yet while most people are looking for better laser and inkjet performance, Hoyoung Lee has designed a printer that works using pencils.


OK, the first time I saw this printer I was hoping that the pencil was controlled on some kind of robotic arm in order to form the letters by drawing them (logical, right?). In fact, the concept would grind up old pencils and then use electrically charge the wood and graphite dust and fuse it to the paper.

As if that notion wasn’t just a little surreal, there’s also an eraser section that — yep, you guessed it — grinds up pencil erasers so that previously ‘printed’ documents can be erased.

The mind boggles.



  1. sonali gupta says

    I want the Quatation and rate of this pencil printer … You have dealer in delhi……..



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