Fav4: a simple little homepage

The main reason I could never get used to Safari was that it doesn’t has a location(url) bar dropdown with the most visited websites. I already have tons of bookmarks and that dropdown list is just easier. But now Firefox also did away with the location bar dropdown leaving me with no options but to install an extension. And honestly I already have enough extensions installed and each of them slows Firefox a bit.

The people at Fav4 came with a brilliant nicely designed idea, a website where you can choose four website to display on the page and set that page as your start page. It’s such a simple and brilliant idea I don’t know why I never thought about making one for myself.


You can currently chose from sixty-one websites to set on the page, websites like BBC News, Hulu, Evernote, Tumblr and Amazon just to name a few. The website is cookie based, so no logins or anything needed, just select the four websites you want displayed, make sure to set Fav4 as your startpage and done.

The webpage is very simple designed, it uses 70 by 70 icons of the websites with drop shadow and a slightly visible hover effect. It’s worth a try if your bookmarks toolbar is already full and you want a useful and aesthetic pleasing startpage.

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  1. Darice de Cuba says

    Zenstart looks interesting and more useful then Fav4, but again I think Fav4 goal is simplicity and aesthetics.

    I will keep Zenstart in mind tho, thanks for mentioning it!

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