Practical gloves for smartphone users

For everyone whose other half has a touchscreen smartphone and lives in a cold country this is a cool Valentine’s gift idea. His and hers cashmere gloves with removable tips for the point and thumb finger.

How many times have you found yourself outside in freezing cold, taking of your glove to do something on your smart phone with touchscreen? Especially iPhone users who have to swipe the screen to answer a call.

Freehands Gloves

A perfect gift for your geeky other half in this cold winter month. They come in various colors from the kinda tacky red shown above to the more classic and neutral colors; Cobalt Blue, Slate Grey, Mocha Brown and Black. This current model is made of 70% cashmere and 30% wool which makes them pretty expensive at 70 dollars a pair. They have less expensive ones but they are sold out or going like hot bread.

I find these gloves way better then the ones with all finger tips removed, obviously. Most of the other less expensive models are already sold out , by the time I get one it will be spring already. But this one is definitely one for the must-have list.

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