Can Google keep it up?

I’m sure most of you already saw the Google facts and figure infographic by Royal Pingdom. It sums up all key numbers and facts about Google such as revenue, profit, people working there, products, etc.

Google infographic

Google started small and grew fast, always keeping to their mantra “Don’t Be Evil” which helped a great deal with their image. When they started with Gmail beta and invites I was in it early and never looked back to Hotmail. I loved and still love Gmail. Then came Google Calendar and Documents with the later one taking me quite some time to get into it.

But in my opinion Google’s “greed” or “need” to be on top on all fields is starting to cost them on the quality of their products and their reputation. When they took the same Gmail invites strategy with Wave they got everyone’s expectation high but till today Wave never really took off and people still ask themselves what is Wave exactly?

In their drive to overtake Twitter and Facebook they launched Google Buzz in what seemed a very short period from idea to production. On launch everyone’s most emailed contact was exposed, people on your contact list where added to auto-follow. In other words a huge privacy blunder that was only corrected after great protest from users. This blunder hit close to everyone really showing that they don’t keep up to their “Don’t be evil” mantra anymore.

Google wants to be a big player in all fields:

  • Web browser
  • OS
  • Mobile phone
  • Mobile OS
  • Internet provider

Nothing wrong with wanting to expand but the more fields they start playing on the more it costs their other products quality wise it seems. The 2005 Google wouldn’t have made such a big privacy mistake with Buzz.

I wonder if Google will be able to keep up with launching new products one after another or will they collapse under their own success. One thing they have proven is that in business where money is all that matters you can hardly keep a mantra such as “Don’t be evil”.

What do you think? Should Google stick with what they do best, search engine and web apps? Split up the company into divisions or keep going the way they are?

Google infographic by Royal Pingdom


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