Gagdets For The Gangsta Geek

I have never met a gangsta who calls himself a geek, or a geek who dubs himself a gangsta. I am pretty sure that if I look hard enough, I’ll find someone who fits this description. There is no denying it – gangsta culture has become quite prominent in the recent years, and people who are part of this sub-culture are proud to be identified with it. But, what do we get when we combine geek and gangsta together? Kristin Verby seems to have gotten things just right. Armed with a digital camera and some 3D software, she came up with some interesting concepts. I wouldn’t mind having one or two of these – not that I am a gangsta…

Ba-Donka-Donk Mouse

We all know how important it is to have a nice behind, and this mouse epitomizes that. I need a new mouse. I wouldn’t mind having one of those behind for real. I’ll settle for the mouse. I am sure a lot of guys would, too!

Glock Remote

Alright, I am no gangsta but I can appreciate a nice gun, and Glocks are as good as they come. You have to admit, this one’s pretty cool. Just in case someone decides to rob you at home while you’re watching TV, you may have the element of surprise by pointing the remote at them!

Boombox Sneakers

They probably won’t have one in my size, but Nike + iPod don’t have anything against these sneakers. You got speakers and a DVD slot. It looks like there are ports for headsets as well. Talk about all in one stuff!

It’s a pity these gadgets may not see the light of day, don’t you think?


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