Should you buy an iPad?

Apple is already accepting iPad pre orders and the expected sales are higher than when the iPhone was newly released. If you are still doubting about buying an iPad BBspot has a helpful flowchart to help you decide.

iPad flowchart

Way funny, I especially like the “Like to touch things?” question, it so is an iPhone and now iPad thing considering it’s touch screen only. Someone should also come with a flowchart focused on questions like: “Do you like flashy animations?”, “Yes”, “Buy a HP Slate”, “No” “Buy an iPad”. And for multitasking, 3G or WiFi , etc.

This fun flowchart sure made me think about which target group will be buying the iPad the most. iPhone became a mayor regular consumer product. Just like the iPod a lot of Windows user have an iPhone so I really wonder if Windows users will be buying the iPad in masses or choose for a Windows tablet.

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