The most affordable IKELITE underwater solution for video ever bundled!

I had wanted to post this sooner, but I delayed a bit after contacting a dealer and making a reservation. I expect these things to go like hotcakes. MWEHEHE. In fact, they’re already selling out.

As a diver, I’m always looking for really great underwater casing solutions for video and photo capture. Usually I just borrow marine casing from the local reps at SONY and they lend me anything from a W or T series camera with a marine pack housing that can go down up to 140 feet in depth, a little beyond the maximum limit for recreational diving. Other marine solutions such as the FLIP camera have el-cheapo USD $15.00 they sell in Amazon, but these only get you to 30 feet and from they way the casings look, they might flood!

IKELITE and JVC have a promo for an underwater case . The contents of the casing is a JVC Picsio GC-FM1, an HD enabled video recorder that can also take photos. Yeah as far as I know this is the only underwater case for a compact video camera (there’s nothing for the SONY Bloggie). The cost: USD $430

What makes the package a great deal is that the casing can go up to 200 feet — well beyond the 130 ft depth for recreational diving, plus the fact that the case comes with a red filter — a must have for underwater photography or video without a strobe. The casing also has a slot at the bottom for attaching a video light.

Still not convinced? Here’s a sample video!


  1. ML says

    Doesn’t JVC have a somewhat tarnished reputation so far as quality goes? Hopefully not. It looks cool as hell.

    By the way, you CAN get an Ikelite case for any model of Flipcam. It can go down well beneath the recreational diving depth of 130′ (I think it goes down to 200′). The case that Flip sellsis rated for 25′, but once you get down below 10′ or so performance downgrades fast. It’s basically just useful for snorkeling. But the Ikelite case for Flipcam would be just fine for recreational diving.It costs about $250, so with the Flipcam it would run a little less than the JVC/Ikelite model.

  2. joaquin says

    does the bloggie mp5k fit in that case? ive been looking around and i cant find any waterproof case for the bloggie mp5k.
    is there any waterproof case suitable for the bloggie mp5k?


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