Working!! – A Potential Hit

The beginning of the spring anime season is still a month away, but that hasn’t stopped “Working!!” from getting a head start. This past week a sneak preview (the first episode) of Working!! was aired in Japan. When I started watching the episode, my initial reaction was “oh great, another boring slice-of-life anime with no plot,” but further into the episode I found myself actually enjoying it.

The setting of the anime is mainly in a family restaurant called Wagnaria and revolves around the staff that work there. Normally, you’d think that watching a bunch of people working in a restaurant would be pretty boring, but the characters’ personalities and the conversations they have make it quite entertaining. One of the main characters is Poplar Taneshima, a 17 year old girl that looks like a 12 year old. In the first episode, she recruits a 16 year old boy named Sota Takanashi to work for Wagnaria. Under normal circumstances, most people probably wouldn’t take a job if they were offered one by what seems like a 12 year old girl, but Sota Takanashi isn’t like most people. As you might be able to guess, he’s a lolicon (someone that likes lolitas) and takes the job just because he would be able to work with Poplar. One of the entertaining things about this episode was seeing Sota trying to explain to the staff at Wagnaria that he isn’t a lolicon and just likes small things when it’s painfully obvious that he’s a lolicon.

Some of the other characters are Kyoko Shirafuji, the apathetic but violent store manager; Jun Sato and Hiroomi Soma, two chefs that seem a bit scary at times; Yashiyo Todoroki, a cheerful girl that carries around an intimidating samurai sword; and Mahiru Inami, a girl that’s afraid of men and will kill them if they get too close. With this quirky cast of characters, Working!! may turn out to be a decent anime with plenty of comedic scenes despite not appearing to have any sort of plot (recall Lucky Star). It may even become one of the more popular anime of the season considering there aren’t many big hits expected this April.


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