WTFJeans – Geek Friendly Clothing

At my last job, one of the IT guys used to wear these jeans with rhinestones and patterns imprinted on them. We joked a lot about his “bedazzled” jeans and his preference to wear sandals with everything, so seeing the picture above made me think of him. That, and debate whether or not this is a marketable product.

The concept is simple: make a pair of jeans that works for the gadget friendly geek. Just like that, WTFJeans was born. For example, there’s a pocket built for the iPhone of iPod Touch, which makes it easy and simple to remove from your front pocket. That same pocket is lined with super soft microfiber, so there’s no worries of scratching that plastic lens. Then there’s a hidden pocket for a USB key, which I imagine will be handy until that first time you forget about it and throw the key in the jeans in the washing machine.

But let’s talk about some of the fitment issues that seem specific to these jeans. First off, there’s padding for your … junk. That’s right, extra padding in the delicate twig and berry area, just in case you want to go commando. Then there’s something which I applaud/hate all at the same time. The jeans are cut low in the front and high in the back, so you never lean over to grab something off the floor and turn into a plumber by accident. That’s excellent news for the guys jeans, but not so much for the girls. At least not in my opinion.

Here’s the catch though: there are only 500 more of these suckers going out onto the market, as they’re doing a limited run of 1000 pairs and 500 are already sold. Bummed out? Well you can still get in on it. And if you do, please let me know how they fit and feel. I can’t imagine why my boys would need extra padding, but I’d like to find out.



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