April Fool's 2010: 5 Funniest Online Pranks

I survived April Fool’s 2010, but I didn’t go unscathed. My Facebook News Feed was bombarded with notifications of friends getting pregnant and getting engaged and I’ve probably replied a sincere “Congratulations!” to a couple of them. Gah, like what I told another friend, I’m a sucker for these things!

Aside from the usual fake pregnancies and fake engagements, I’ve come across five online April Fool’s joke that I found quite hilarious:

  • Ben and Jerry’s Virtual Ice Cream. A really quite obvious joke, but funny nonetheless. Now if anyone DID lick the virtual ice cream on their screen, well, THAT’S funny!
  • Google changes it’s name to Topeka. Another prank that’s quite obvious. Google is most likely poking fun at the mayor of Topeka, Kansas who unofficially changed his city’s name to Google for the month of March.
  • Unicorn Meat. Another obvious joke, but I found the Unicorn Meat Chart pretty hilarious. For love, you must eat the underside of a unicorn! The recipe for Savory Unicorn and & Heirloom Tomato Bruchetta is a nice touch as well.
  • Google Translate for Animals. Oh, yeah. Google made me take a second look at this. For a split second there, I was pretty intrigued with how they developed this so-called app, haha.

And the best one one since I really believed it for a couple of mins

  • Starbucks Listens to Customer Request for More Sizes. The most awesome joke for this year (in my opinion anyway). I can see Starbucks really put a lot of effort in it, with their photos and a production of an extremely LARGE Starbucks paper cup! Did you see the lady with the Plenta Starbucks cup on her head? How can you not laugh at that?

Thanks to Mike Abundo as I’ve come across these jokes via him. What a prankster! And yes, he was one of those who got “engaged”. Touche!

I am, however disappointed with Blizzard since they are also known for their awesome April Fool’s joke. But looks like they didn’t participate this year. Sad. Scratch that. Apparently, Blizzard had a lot of April Fool’s joke for this year but I just wasn’t aware of it. It required going to the forums and since I was in-game most of the time yesterday, I didn’t get to know about it, hehe.

How about you? What funny April Fool’s online joke have you come across?


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