Bang! An Illustration About The History of Everything

Now a days people’s entertainment knowledge is given more credit then their science knowledge. Even though it would be better to know how our universe was created then to know all funny quotes of a certain geeky TV show. I’m first to say that I need to beef up my knowledge of relevant things rather then filling my brains with information that won’t make it in any school books in the future.

Most of us geeks are fans of the TV show The Big Bang Theory but until recently I could only tell you that the Big Bang was an explosion that created matter and existence. The details where beyond me.

One month ago the Large Hadron Collider in CERN collided particles for the first time to recreate the Big Bang, it was all over the news and yet most people where oblivious to what exactly was done at the CERN. I spend at least a couple of hours on Wikipedia reading up on the Bose Higson particle.

Now you can learn about the Big Bang with an illustrated and rhyming book, Bang! The Universe Verse, created by twenty-six year old James Lu Dunbar.

From the beginning of existence to the birth of galaxies, you’ll learn how matter was created, why stars shine and where we fit in this wild and crazy universe.

This comic book is for all ages and very suitable for teaching kids about the Big Bang. I read it myself and while I still don’t get everything about protons, neutrons, etc. I know a lot more then before I read the comic book. You’ll have a better understanding of what the Big Bang really is, even though you learned it at school, most of us have forgotten what we learned.

The illustration is about an old couple of which the male looks a bit like Albert Einstein. Together they show you the creation of universe while explaining it in rhyme verses.


Well if they explained this to me like this when I was a kid I think chances are very high I would remember it today. Heck I think if everything science was taught like this if you are a kid it is bound to stay with you.

According to the author it will be a four part comic book with this one being the first part naturally. You can read the book online for free or buy a paperback version for 12,95 dollars.


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    Good stuff. As both a director of a local school district and parent of three children, I would recommend this to anyone. My third grader took it to school. When he came home he said, this is the kind of stuff that makes science fun.

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