Princess Leia Wannabes Wash Your Car in Star Wars Charity Bash

Geeks and basement dwellers nerds united, yes you heard that right! Princess Leia washing your car. Or in other words:

G4 Organizes Star Wars Charity car-wash and all you get are pics of Princess Leia Wannabes!

That’s for all those of yours who have never seen this picture of Princess Leia and double sunbathing on set or those youngsters among you who think that Carrie Fisher is too old.

The whole concept of a charitable car wash operation was of course brilliant and commendable and even better because it involved Star Wars. Of course we would all want to have our car washed by Princess Leia. Girls, Star Wars fans and in bikini… washing your car!

The Force was with G4 this past weekend as we joined with the Make-A-Wish Foundation®, the 501st Legion and Playmate Sara Jean Underwood to host the Star Wars Charity Car Wash in Hollywood. Money was raised for a good cause and people had their cars and space cruisers washed by an army of soapy wet slave Leias, Stormtroopers and one Playboy Bunny (who we’re pretty sure has ties to the Rebel Alliance). [via]

So without any further ado, here are your wet geek dreams come true. In colour. Online. With Princess Leia.

More pics after the jump.

Sorry guys, that’s all you get. That and the sexiest geek girls alive. And if that ain’t enough, it don’t exist you can go and drool at more pics at G4’s complete gallery I gracefully borrowed the pictures above from.

Don’t forget to clean up after you leave, guys!

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