Awesome Superhero and Star Wars Art by 'Vivid Fury' Lawrence Reynolds

Many among you are going to hate me for this because for the second time in less than 36 hours I am going to send you to a Flash website. Take that if you’re on an iPad. If you’re poor like me, you still are trying to win an iPad, but even if you have the wonderful device already, trust me… this stuff is good!

In all honesty, I would even consider to send the $600, I would spend for an iPad, to Lawrence Reynolds because my new pad has a really nice and large dark red wall and his artwork would perfectly fit there. It’s about stuff we all like here at FG: Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Superheroes in general. It’s the real stuff.

Who Is Lawrence Reynolds and What Is Vivid Fury

The art master already soon was tainted by the things that really matter in life:

Vivid Fury is the explosive collision of images, color, line, light & shadow in the mind’s eye of artist Lawrence Reynolds.

The first ripples of that explosion could be felt as far back age three. “I can still remember drawing Superman on anything resembling a clean sheet of paper. I can’t tell you if it actually looked like Superman, but I was convinced. By the time I was in kindergarten, I noticed my crayon scribbles were a little different than the other kids’ Crayola masterpieces. I was the Crayon Master of pre-school—quite a feat for a five year old.”

“The next year I was introduced to two things that would change my life forever; the #2 pencil and Star Wars. Like every kid in the late 70’s, I was completely blown away by the whole experience. Soon, the red towel that tucked into my t-shirt collar during playtime was replaced by a blue broomstick complete with a duct-taped handgrip.

You can read more about Lawrence Reynolds and Vivid Fury at his bio.

While I like John T. Campbell’s Epic Misney mashup and poster, we have to be honest: that’s stuff for the kids room. What I really want is a 4’x2′ 1/2 Marvel mashup. A mashup of the 21st Century superhero movies. Against my wall. Painted by Lawrence Reynolds. I’ll let you know once I am rich enough and I ordered my wall decoration. Until then, admire some of Lawrence’s work.

Click through for some more highlights and visit Lawrence Reynold’s ‘Vivid Fury’ to order yours.


  1. says

    I really must resist asking for a quote for a Marvel mashup in the style of the Justice League of America piece. I know I won’t be able to afford it!

  2. Lawrence says

    Hey! Thanks for the feature and positive feedback. Guys, feel free to contact me about any art you’re interested in.

  3. Thego-toguy says

    The force is strong with this one!! Lol bout time the world started to take notice bro!

    We Don’t Stop.

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