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  1. Dora
    May 02 - 3:17 PM

    The one with Wolverine and the one with Spock – I’d pay an arm and a leg for them!

  2. Franky
    May 02 - 3:32 PM

    I really must resist asking for a quote for a Marvel mashup in the style of the Justice League of America piece. I know I won’t be able to afford it!

  3. Lawrence
    May 13 - 7:38 PM

    Hey! Thanks for the feature and positive feedback. Guys, feel free to contact me about any art you’re interested in.

  4. Thego-toguy
    May 15 - 9:02 PM

    The force is strong with this one!! Lol bout time the world started to take notice bro!

    We Don’t Stop.

  5. Lawrence Reynolds,Sr
    Nov 13 - 5:52 PM

    Nice Going Son. Amazing Work! You do the Old Man Proud.
    Love Ya!

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