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selfridges nipples

I’m all for the “natural look” but come on Selfridges (trendy English retailer), do you really want to call your “nipple enhancers” a “natural product.” As if woman don’t have enough men already staring at their actual natural boobs.

Selfridges calls the enhancers “the latest fashion accessory for your breasts,” which is hard to deny because I don’t tend to see a lot of accessories for boobs. But let’s face it, one wrong move and you have a nipple sitting on the side of your arm and a group of men running for the door in horror.

The accessories are available in several sizes and colors and can be picked up at Selfridges for £9.95 ($14 USD).

Not convinced? Here’s a few more photos:

Why do Brits gets all the cool shit?


  1. says

    I’m all for women choosing not to wear bras without feeling self-conscious, but there’s nothing natural about wearing fake nipples over a bra. If we needed any more proof that the performance of femininity is absurd, this is it. Once again, women are supposed to look perfect (with their breasts made perky with a bra and their nipples literally made out of plastic) w/o the appearance of any effort (it’s natural!). It’s beyond ridiculous.

  2. James Johnson says

    Yeah Courtney, that’s why I was poking fun at them when I wrote this piece. Since when is “Natural” a matter of adding something that isn’t natural.

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