LEGO Pac-Man

Uber-popular 80s video game + thousands of LEGO blocks. What’s not to love?

This tabletop Pac-Man arcade game is built entirely out of LEGO. Well, except for the electronics hidden inside. That’s right, it actually plays.

It runs not just Pac-Man, but other 80s games like Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and “many more,” according to the builder, Ben Fleskes. His website provides frustratingly few details — such as how long it took to make, or exactly how many bricks were used — but it does mention that the finished build is almost three feet tall, and that no LEGO bricks were cut or altered in order to complete the structure. And you gotta love this: the control panel with the joystick and buttons? It’s held in place using LEGO Technic pieces.

Fleskes should start manufacturing these things to sell. Bet the demand would outpace his supply!

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