The Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements

Anyone who has had to go to chemistry class (practically all of us, I suppose) knows just how much fun the periodic table of elements can be. On the other hand, it can also be a fixture in one’s nightmares, especially when the time to sit for an exam comes.

This guy, Russell Walks, has found a way to make the periodic table even more fun. He created his own version of the periodic table, with 122 fictional elements thrown in. Well, technically, some of them may not be elements but compounds. Russell says, however, that he isn’t really fixated on that point – he is an artist and “not geek.” His point in creating this work of art is for pure entertainment purposes. I cannot argue with that as the table contains wonderfully named elements slash compounds such as “Corbonite,” “Kryptonite,” and “Crapcrapium.”

A note of caution to overly enthusiastic individuals out there who cannot get enough of the periodic table – this version is purely imaginary and is in no way related to the actual periodic table of elements that you are used to. The arrangement of the elements is not linked to the arrangement of the “real” period table. In fact, in creating this table, Russell drew upon various media for his elements. Hence, the arrangement is based on the media that the elements appear.

Never mind authenticity for once. Just sit back and enjoy the geeky elements in this table, will ya? Get yours for $25.

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