8 Bacon Tattoos from Bacon Lovers

Bacon is one of the most popular food so far I know. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like bacon although I used to be one. It was only last year that I joined the masses of bacon lovers thanks to one delicious BLT sandwich. I don’t even like pork meat with the exception of one slab of ribs very once in a while. But now when I eat lunch out I will treat myself a BLT sandwich now and then and I also created a signature pasta dish of mushroom, bacon and cream.

My love of food is not that deep that I would get a tattoo to show it, especially not of bacon. As much as I would like to, eating bacon everyday wouldn’t be good for me. Others seem to have a different idea, they went as far as getting a tattoo to show their love for bacon.

bacon tattoo 8 Bacon Tattoos from Bacon Lovers

This one is my favorite, very realistic done and good artistic work. Most importantly it’s placed on the arm and not some weird place.


fllickr1 8 Bacon Tattoos from Bacon Lovers

Another one on the arm, a bit more “cartoonish” then the previous one but still very nice.


flickr2 8 Bacon Tattoos from Bacon Lovers

A bacon band, not my taste but it works.


bacon tat 8 Bacon Tattoos from Bacon Lovers

The graphic is very well done, but the place it’s on and the upside down cross is just plain weird. Note that I cropped the photo to remove the “crack” of the person if you know what I mean. Who wants to see bacon next to that.

true love bacon salt tattoo 8 Bacon Tattoos from Bacon Lovers

The text says is all, “True Love”.

bacontat 8 Bacon Tattoos from Bacon Lovers

The drawing remembers me of cartoons from late 90′ early ’00. It does not make me want some bacon like the first two tattoos.

Bacon Love Tattoo1 8 Bacon Tattoos from Bacon Lovers

Now this a bacon related tattoo I could see myself getting. Classic done.

bacon heart 8 Bacon Tattoos from Bacon Lovers

I guess this person has no problems at all with what too much bacon does to one’s heart. If I had that tattoo on me I wouldn’t be able to eat bacon anymore. Each bite you take you chew and think about the effects.

Bottom line is these people like bacon enough to show it with a tattoo. While I personally don’t like all the tattoos it does take guts to tattoo your favorite food on your body.


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