iPad Gets Arcade Console, But It's Made Out Of Cardboard

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Apple iPad Arcade Cabinet

During April Fools day ThinkGeek showed off a fake arcade system that incorporated the Apple iPad, while their accessory may have been a joke, the actual proof in concept now exists.

Created by Hideyoshi Moriya, the Apple iPad Arcade has a casing made out of cardboard (yeah, I know…not so appealing) and it works by plugging the iPad into an Arduino board that sits inside the cardboard dock. The Arduino is then connected to arcade controls which include a joystick and two buttons.

Here’s a video of the console in action, notice the rather impressive response times:

Moriya developed the cabinet for the Make Tokyo Meeting, unfortunately as Geek.com points out it’s unlikely Apple will allow the system to be developed as a commercially viable product, which is too bad because it could totally double the number of Pac Man downloads for the iPad.

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