Song Of Ice And Fire Miniatures By Dark Sword

I have this colleague whose cubicle at work looks like a toy store’s window display. Seriously, he must have thousand of dollars worth of toys tastefully arranged all around his PC. It’s a toy-lover’s paradise. Over the years, he kinda imparted a bit of his enthusiasm to me; and when I heard that Dark Sword Miniatures have recently released new pewter miniatures of some of the main characters in the Song of Ice and Fire series, I could barely contain my excitement.

Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc., is well known for its high quality pewter miniatures and they already have a line of George R.R. Martin characters. I am quite excited about this new one of Lord Eddard Stark – the main protagonist in the first book.
eddard Song Of Ice And Fire Miniatures By Dark Sword
This miniature was sculpted by Tom Meier and painted by Matt Verzani. I love the details and how they come together to make Eddard Stark come off as cold and fierce yet somehow gentle (as I always thought him to be).
samwell Song Of Ice And Fire Miniatures By Dark Sword
This one is a miniature of Samwell Tarly, perhaps one of the most lovable characters in the series. In his hand he holds an obsidian dagger – that which made him a name for himself. It doesn’t look attractive – George R.R. Martin never described Sam as physically attractive anyway (in fact, it’s the opposite). I’d still get one for myself!
euron Song Of Ice And Fire Miniatures By Dark Sword
The last of the new miniatures is of Euron Greyjoy – the Crow’s Eye, Lord of Pyke and King of the Iron Islands. He may not be one of my favorite characters, but this miniature is something to look at! Sculpted by Jeff Grace and painted by Matt Verzani, the miniature seems to capture the essence of the Crow’s Eye.

Those of you who still haven’t dug into the Song of Ice and Fire series – these miniatures should egg you on!

They’re available online at Dark Sword Miniatures for $9.99 each.

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  1. Wow, those are some of the best looking miniatures I’ve ever seen. Great facial features, which tend to be tough.

  2. Indeed – the details are amazing, aren’t they?

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