What is HTML5 And Why You Should Care

Since the iPad was announced and Steve Jobs said that non of Apple’s hand held devices will ever support Flash the web was full of discussion. Apple and Adobe have and are publicly waging a war on the subject of Apple’s refusal to support Flash. Instead Apple has chosen to even market HTML5 as the the next best thing on the web.

Now most people wouldn’t know the details, just that their iPhone and iPad won’t display certain websites and that “hey website x has less ads on it!”. Also the famous box announcing missing plugin for Flash support is a famous appearance on many websites. In any case here there is a clear infographic that explains what HTML5 is, which browsers support which features, and more details on Flash vs HTML5 techniques.

WTF is HTML5 and why we all should care

It’s important for people to be at least a bit aware of what really it’s all about. For example someone on my Facebook commented about getting the iPhone 4 when it comes out and someone else immediately chimed in that it doesn’t has Flash support.

These kind of non supported arguments by friends on Facebook who don’t even know what they are talking about just ruins it for each other if they decide not to buy just because it doesn’t support Flash. Seems just like the final episodes of “Friends” when thanks to Phoebe’s phone call to Rachel about how here plane is missing the “left phalange” grounded the flight due that all passenger panicked because the plane has no “left phalange”.

If I have to analyze the people around me and the phones that they own I can honestly say that more then 80% of them wouldn’t even notice that they can’t use Flash. The majority of users use their smartphone for socializing and games for which all of them there are native apps for their type of smartphones. Even I barely open my web browser on my iPhone. Twitter, Facebook, Games, Websites, for everything there is an app, and my 8GB phone is not even on half its storage capacity.

The message? Know your gadget!

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