9 Cool Calvin and Hobbes tattoos

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Calvin and Hobbes is the most anti commercial comic strip that I know of. Its creator Bill Watterson stopped with the strip in 1995 after 10 years of creating a daily comic strip of Calvin and Hobbes. He has withdrawn from public eye and never gives an interview. He has been called the J.D. Salinger of the comic strip world.

I don’t know of you but when I started reading the newspaper as a kid I started with the comics section which included syndicated strips of Calvin and Hobbes. I must say that I only cared for Calvin and Hobbes, non of the others, which explains why I don’t remember which other strips there where in the paper. When I moved to the Netherlands and discovered comic bookstores I started buying the Calvin and Hobbes comic books. I still have to complete my collection.

Due that Bill Watterson retains all rights to the strips there isn’t any legal products of Calvin and Hobbes available. While I think its a good idea to stop after 10 years instead of dragging on the strips, I would love to have a Calvin and Hobbes poster, figurines or t-shirt.

This is where die hard fans got creative; get a Calvin and Hobbes tattoo, it’s not for commercial purpose and it’s on your body for good, laser treatment aside. After looking at these tattoos I can totally see myself getting one, I would browse for my favorite frame, black and white and get it medium sized.

So without much more ado here are 9 tattoos that are true Calvin and Hobbes.

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

A classic scene! Source

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

Some fans combine it with another illustration that has personal meaning to them. Source

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

A very gutsy tattoo, true Calvin fandom.

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

Calvin and Hobbes and the Cosmos. Source

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

Calvin’s alter egos. Source

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

I loved this one! Although I’m more for black and white, the frame finish it wonderful.

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

Simply Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

A very colorful leg sleeve

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo

A whole strip sleeve in black and white, I love it but wouldn’t dare go so far. But doing just one frame is what I would go for.

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