Periodic Table of Swearing


WARNING BEFORE you click to enlarge: A LOT of profanity in that image. If that’s not your style, never mind clicking.
We all love the Periodic Table of Elements, don’t we? This one’s here not your ordinary version, though. The guys at Modern Toss Shop created their own and dubbed it The Periodic Table of Swearing.

Just in case you don’t know your cuss words, here is a handy reference you can check out anytime you need to. By the way, it is specifically for those of us who speak “American,” as the cuss words are supposed to be British-style.

You can get these print outs for 90 GBP, but as of this writing, they are all sold out. They’re planning on creating more, though.


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    That’s great! Also, the fact that there was thought to the ordering is nice. I love various Periodic Tables. I can’t hang this one in my office, but still cool. It is quite British though, someone needs to make a US version.

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