DC Universe Classics Gives Robin Two Different Haircuts

Mattel Universe Line The new Mattel DC Universe Classics line actually makes the series look like it’s worth buying again, with Robin, Robin, Knightfall Azrael, the Riddler, Jonah Hex, Mercury, the Creeper, and a Bane build-a-figure. Yes I said Robin twice and for good reason, there are two of him.

The strange part? The only difference appears to be that there are two different haircuts on the Robin action figures.

It’s also the first time in a while that the line doesn’t offer a bunch of obscure characters, other than maybe Creepers, who also isn’t insanely obscure like some past offerings.  

If anyone has a good reason as to why Robin has different haircuts I would love to hear it. More than likely it all boils down to Mattel hoping to sell more toys to fans who want to complete their collection.

What do you think about the new lineup of action figures? Here’s a closer look to help you decide:

Mattel Universe Line


  1. Joe says

    The Robin on the left is dick Grayson, the Robin on the right is Jason todd. The haircuts were about the only thing that where they differed looks-wise

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