19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Here are nineteen of the weirdest, craziest, and all-time most bizarre variants of Monopoly ever made. These are the real deal — not “fan creations.” And every single one begs the question… “Why?”

Heinz Ketchup Monopoly

heinz 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

The whole “ketchup board game” is kooky enough, but how can Heinz possibly fill an entire Monopoly board with spaces based on ketchup? A better question, though, is… Who on earth would buy this?

QVC Monopoly

qvc 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

The properties are products. The houses and hotels are “Greenrooms” and “Studios.” Instead of “Community Chest” and “Chance” cards, they have “Quality” and “Value” cards that say things like, “You receive an invite from Kathy to buy something nice! Collect $100!” I couldn’t make this up.

Batman & Robin Monopoly

batmanandrobin 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Out of all the Batman movies, they choose to make a board game out of this one?


ghetto 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Not an officially licensed Monopoly game, but distributed widely enough to offend pretty much everyone who saw it when it first came out. According to the back of the box, Ghetto-opoly is all about “buying stolen properties, pimpin’ hoes, building crack houses, paying protection fees, and getting car jacked.” Oh, and the game pieces? A pimp, hooker, basketball, liquor bottle, Uzi, Marijuana leaf, and bag of crack cocaine. Lovely.

Powerpuff Girls Monopoly

powerpuff 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Warning: contains enough sickly sweet cuteness to kill a puppy.

Dot-com Monopoly

dotcom 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

A celebration of the online business boom of the 90s (which later bombed). The game spaces are made up of dot-com companies like eBay, iVillage, AltaVista, and others you may or may not remember. Game pieces include a desktop PC, a hand cursor, an arrow cursor, a surfboard (get it?), a flat panel monitor, a mouse (the animal, not the hardware), an envelope representing email, and a microchip. Ain’t that precious.


bean2 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

A coffee-themed game from rip-off look-alike publisher Late for the Sky, this a way over-the-top variant for the Starbucks set.

HP Invent Supply Chain Monopoly

hp 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Monopoly for the corporate shark, that supposedly has the real-world application of “helping you own all 22 steps in the supply chain.” Whatever that means.

Fishing: Prize Catch Monopoly

fishing 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Guaranteed to be every bit as exciting as Monopoly: Linoleum Edition.

Grateful Dead-opoly

gratefuldead 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Another unofficial variant that’s a must-have for all twelve people who own it.

Monopoly: BBK Clinical Research & Development Edition

bbk2 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Made as a novelty item given out to attendees at the Drug Information Association conference, this one is (thankfully) rather tongue-in-cheek, celebrating the building of empires via Big Pharma. Of course, only those who actually build such pharmaceutical empires are actually playing it, so I guess it’s something they play when they’re tired of counting their piles of cash.

Sephora Monopoly

sephora2 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

See last entry. Replace “pharmaceutical” references with “cosmetics.”

Sun-Maid Monopoly

sunmaid 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

This “major consumer brand” variant thing is getting out of hand…

General Mills Monopoly

generalmills 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Oh, come on. Is no childhood favorite sacred? Apparently not, since the game pieces are a who’s who list of GM characters: Hamburger Helper’s “Helping Hand,” Betty Crocker spoon, the Trix rabbit, Lucky the Leprecheun, the Green Giant, the Pillsbury Doughboy, and more.


brew 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

You’re not allowed to play it unless you have a gut.

Ultraman Monopoly

ultraman 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Because no list is complete without a healthy dose of kitschy Japanese culture!

Thunderbirds Monopoly

thunderbirds 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

Winner of the “Most Unnecessary Monopoly of All Time” award.

Medical Monopoly

medical2 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

The most appalling entry on this list. But don’t write angry letters to Parker Bros. — this is another unsanctioned knock-off. You play against one to three friends, trying to fill your own hospital with patients. The player who fills their hospital first wins. Just like in real life!


dachsund 19 Weird But True Monopoly Games

It just writes its own punchline, doesn’t it?

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  1. Oh man, that Heinz Monopoly would probably be popular here in Pittsburgh. I guess they took every one of Heinz’s 57 varieties to fill the board.

  2. You have forgotten about Super Mario Monopoly.

  3. Is UPS monopoly weird?

  4. you’re forgetting the dutch “Homonopolis” which has gay-bars from the Netherlands on them instead of streets… :

    (link is image)

  5. Do you make a Harry Potter monopoly? Where do I get it?

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