Feel Like Watching a Tween Comedy? Check Out BSG – NOT!

BSG Chinese back 550x314 Feel Like Watching a Tween Comedy? Check Out BSG – NOT!
The next time you feel like watching a tween comedy – for whatever reason, I will not even try to understand – why don’t you try this TV series called Battlestar Galactica? Take a close look at that image and you’ll see that reputable “San Francisco Chronicle(?)” hails it as a “good –hearted tween comedy.” Seriously, WTF?

Where I come from, pirated DVDs are commonplace, and I am surprised that I never came across one that looks just like this particular version. Not that I am promoting the creation and purchase of these illegal items, but they do have their uses. Just take one more look at the back of the DVD cover up there, will you? It showcases the ingenuity of whoever made the cover. (According to a commenter in the original article where I found the images, the review is actually for another movie and that “Geirot Free Press” is actually “Detroit Free Press.”)

Here’s the cover of the DVD, which contains more elements that will make your eyebrows skyrocket.
BSG Chinese Feel Like Watching a Tween Comedy? Check Out BSG – NOT!
With the exception of Baltar – everyone looks pretty good to me. Now I haven’t finished the entire series, so I don’t know if the end is really like “Saw.” I haven’t seen the Enterprise make an appearance as well. Stargate’s still MIA – at least in the version that I am watching, whatever that is. So tell me, BSG fanatics, am I missing out on not buying this particular version of the series? That would totally blow. Maybe I should go to the nearest bazaar and look for this copy.

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