GSC's Nadeko Sengoku Figure

Bakemonogatari fans will be happy to know that the 1/8 scale figure of Nadeko Sengoku by Good Smile Company (GSC) is now available for preorder at most figure stores. This is no doubt one of the most anticipated figures of the series if not the most. Nadeko is one of the more popular girls in Bakemonogatari so when GSC decided to make a figure of her, they knew it had to be outstanding. From the promo shots, it doesn’t look like they are going to disappoint.

For the design of the figure, GSC based it on the artwork found on the cover of volume 4 of the Bakemonogatari blu-ray. What’s impressive though is that they also managed to include some things from the background such as the pillars and autumn leaves with the figure. Nadeko can be displayed in two ways: either wading in the water, or standing on top of her base. While the original cover art shows her in the water, I know many figure collectors would be upset if Nadeko didn’t come with the rest of her legs. That’s why GSC gives the option of displaying her either in or out of the water.

Nadeko was sculpted by Hironori Tokunaga and comes at a price of 9800 Yen. She is scheduled to be released in January, but considering how well Nadeko’s arc did in blu-ray sales (Bakemonogatari vol. 4), I expect preorders for this figure to sell out long before then.


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