Ridiculous Super Mario Brothers Level, Mario Keeps Getting Better [Video]

Super Mario Bros Hard Level It’s one thing to create a super hard level for Super Mario Brothers (not the hardest I’ve seen, but still pretty hard), it’s another thing all together to create a level full of glitches and then to figure out how to defeat that level from one point to the next, but that’s exactly what we have in this fan created level for the popular Nintendo game.

I should mention, this level was probably defeated with TAS (Tool-Assisted Speedrun) technology, however even if the game is essentially playing itself, the creator still had to design the hacked level and then show the computer how to run through to the end which probably still took a good deal of time to think up.

Here’s a look at the level, the creator even includes annotations so you can see where the glitches exist while learning a bit more about their impressive level creation.

What do you think? I know it’s not as difficult as some levels other fans have created, but it still takes quite a bit of skill to run through the level as you can see in the video.


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