The Daily Routine of a Web Geek

While browsing the web and going through all my daily sites I come across a comic depicting exactly what I’m doing. As a matter of fact what I do everyday: check email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, feeds, statistics, news and all that over and over again between work.

I’m sure everyone who needs internet to do their job or even those who don’t spend at least an hour or two a day mindless clicking through all sites like mentioned above and more. This comic aptly named “Jus’ Checkin'” is something we can all identify with.

Jus' Checkin'

Jus’ Checkin’ by Luke Pearson.

I do this everyday, only now I partially get paid for doing it as it is research needed to write online articles. Every web geek worth their cred is doing this daily to keep up their knowledge of the latest cool geek news. It’s like playing the lottery being one of the first to discover something new that just has been posted. But that requires a lot of screen time and at the end of the day just like the comic I’m ready to chuck my computer out of the window.

It’s not all bad though, reading Wikipedia is like going to the library to read, you leave with more knowledge then with which you came in.

Back to the comic itself, it is very nice done, the drawing, the concept, it’s print quality. I love coming across jewels like these, it makes all the time browsing websites worth it.

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