Clash of the Geeks: An Orc, a Clown, and a Unicorn Pegasus Kitten


Forget Clash of the Titans.  Here’s an electronic chapbook that will get the geek in you drooling like there’s no tomorrow: Clash of the Geeks.  This chapbook (according to Wikipedia: generic term to cover a particular genre of pocket-sized booklet, popular from the sixteenth through to the later part of the 19th century. No exact definition can be applied.) was launched last week and is the brainchild of Wil Wheaton and John Scalzi.  Wheaton needs no introduction – I assume – but some may not be familiar with John Scalzi, a science fiction author in his own right.  Some may recognize him as being the Creative Consultant for Stargate: Universe.  He’s also the president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Together with Subterranean Press, the two guys worked on this project, which is interestingly quirky – to say the least.  It all started earlier this year when Scalzi had a “vision” of himself as an orc and Wil Wheaton as a warrior in a clown sweater, riding a unicorn pegasus kitten.  You see where this is going?

That vision has since then turned into a reality, with several well established authors joining the fray.  What Wheaton and Scalzi did was to ask artist Jeff Zugale to put the mental image to paper, so to speak.  The result? That image up there.

The fun doesn’t end there, though.  They made an “appeal” to authors to dig deep and share what they think it happening in the photo.  One author who took on the challenge makes the chapbook particularly enticing – Pat Rothfuss, author of Name of the Wind, easily one of the best fantasy reads today.

You can download the e-book for FREE from the web site, but make sure you make a donation.  Proceeds will go to the Michigan/Indiana affiliate of the Lupus Alliance of America, a non-profit organization. Now I gotta go and check it out myself.

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