Comics That Should Take a Leap, or a Step Back

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When comics convert from print to the screen – be it silver screen, little screen, or computer screen – the results are often disastrous. We’ve become so accustomed to this fact that as comic book lovers, we follow the news of every comic adaptation’s progress as if it was life or death. Universally.

We obsess over every little detail, but in sheer acceptance of our fate, preordained by movie & TV studios, we rarely ask the big question: should a comic be adapted? Is one comic more worthy than another? Is one comic so strong that it’ll survive any and all mishandling it’ll inevitably receive once it hits the studio’s hands? Or is it a comic that should never, ever make the transition?

Let’s examine some comics that haven’t deserved their 15 minutes of Hollywood fame, and a few comics that should be given a chance to demonstrate their full glory on the silver screen.

Kick-Ass: Kick-Ass. What can I say? Mediocre comic, mediocre film. Soon to be a mediocre sequel! Taking up valuable box office space and studio dollars and cents while other movies that deserve to be made languish in the wings. Movies like…

Deadpool: As one of Marvel’s most unforgettable characters, Deadpool has been crying out for a good movie of his own. And fans are crying out alongside him. This is a movie that would be well watched regardless of whether it was made wonderfully or made like crap. Deadpool’s story is an endless supply of amusing source material for a first rate movie plot. And the film is “in the works” – except it has no director and very little in the way of a firm cast. Ryan Reynolds is meant to reprise the role, but back-to-back Green Lantern projects mean that a Deadpool movie is so far on the back burner it’s freezing over.

RED: RED is a three part comic with one main character who’s quite capable of launching a killing spree all by his lonesome. There is no real supporting cast and, in my ever so humble opinion, the comic isn’t terribly good. But the movie looks a whole lot more promising. The cast of supporting characters that are mostly nonexistent in the source material is nothing short of amazing, so what have they done with the comic that the original creative team didn’t? We shall see…

Ant Man: Edgar Wright appears to be doing everything short of enlisting a witch doctor to get an Ant Man movie made. This is a character who’d have legs (there’s a pun just waiting to be made in there, somewhere) on the big screen. There’s plenty of story and plenty of cast surrounding Ant Man, which equals lots of opportunities for good writing to shine. It’s a no-brainer, really, so why isn’t Ant Man getting his time in the spotlight?

Runaways: I’m 100% behind the making of a Runaways film. But I am 100% against the destruction of the Runaways story, as would certainly happen if rumors came true. The current gossip is that Marvel and Disney plan to tweak the Runaways tale to make it more appealing to the “tween” audience that is so grossly enraptured by Twilight that it makes me yearn for the days when Harry Potter was a prepubescent sex symbol. A Runaways made for Twilight fans is not a Runaways I want to see. Period.

Are there any comics you’d like to see make the jump to film or TV? Any that absolutely should never have crossed over? I’d love to hear your thoughts, just drop a comment in the box.

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