In the Future, We Will Spray On Our Clothes

This has to be one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.

A Spanish fashion designer has worked with scientists in London to invent a seamless fabric that’s literally sprayed on your body. I kid you not.

Right now, it’s sprayed through a big pneumatic setup, but it’s soon going to be available in a can. There’s a whole big scientific explanation for how it works, but the long and short of it is that the stuff is spraying fabric fibers and polymers on the body that weave themselves together and dry instantly. And yes, it can be re-worn, and even washed like regular clothes.

Want to see it in action? There’s a video after the jump.

The catch to this spray-on technology is that it’s form-fitting. So you either have to spray it on an actual model, or on a mannequin or some other frame to get the desired shape. But aside from avant-garde fashion, one real-world use for a spray-on fabric would be bandages sprayed on to a particularly tender wound or burned skin, which eliminates the need for the application of pressure.

Manel Torres, the designer behind the spray, says you can apply multiple layers of the spray to get thicker fabrics, and you can even mix spray colors to get pattern designs of your own making. (Thinner layers tend to look like stretchy gauze.) His spray works with wool, linen, and acrylic fibers, which change the fabric’s texture.

Torres has already set up a company to market and sell the spray-on fabric, called Fabrican Ltd. (naturally).

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