Palmiotti’s done it again.

It’s taken me some time to track down the first issue of the new series of Freedom Fighters. This also brings me onto one of my most favourite topics, politics in comics.

Now don’t get me wrong, I adored the first two Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters series, this was a team that deserved the spectacular relaunch they received rather than simply being thrown aside as cannon fodder as we all saw in Infinite Crisis. (I think my heart broke a  little that day, but that is a few years in the past now. In fact I don’t want to think how many years.)

These two series had magic and mystery, skullduggery, an all-encompassing conspiracy and a stunning background of various cosmic concepts that I would love to see more of. (Even if that included a rip-off of Marvel’s Celestials. I would love to see a piece as some writer takes them for his own and shows why they are not a cheap copy, and where they fit into DC’s cosmology which recently has become quite crowded.)

The opening scenes of this year’s offering deliver quite the stunning indictment of Arizona’s so-called ‘Papers Please’ law, SB 1070, held as a justification for the actions of a throwaway band of supervillains called the Aryan Brigade. At least they were visually interesting, and only occupied the first six pages. Yet I found an implication by the writer of just what he thought of the Bill’s supporters. Maybe this was just setting the scene, but it was hardly complimentary.

Now don’t get me wrong, my position is not that far from Palmiotti’s, but do I really want it forced down my throat in such a blatant fashion in my comics? No. Comics can indeed help shape the attitudes of the readers, but that should be through the art of subtle undercurrents, not neon signs.

The issue had its highlights however. Another throwaway villain was Plasmodia, a sentient giant bacteria that had “penetrated the sixth dimensional organic wall that separates” us from them, in simple language.  I had to look up what a fastigium is, and it doesn’t seeem to help the sentence make sense, but it sounds great!  Kirby eat your heart out. Keep this up Jimmy, and the great Grant Morrison might notice you.

I don’t want to give too much away in case you haven’t read it, but the cliffhanger? The Four Corners are released? Is it me, or are we running out of good concepts to be embodied?

Support your local conceptual entities now, and go crazy. Make entire new ideas that our writers can give life to!


  1. Frankie Buckets says

    If you like politics and historical events in comics read the spectre series from the 90’s one of the best ever written.

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