PlayStation is 15 Years Old

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Did you own an original PlayStation? Did you buy it when it first came out? If so, be aware: you’re dating yourself.

The PlayStation 1 has turned fifteen years old. Can you believe it? Since 1995, Sony has sold more than 377 million PS1s, PS2s, and PS3s.

I mean, look at the big plastic buttons and ports on that old thing. By today’s sleek & sexy standards, this thing looks like a child’s toy. But on the plus side, it was the first game console to ever use discs instead of cartridges — a format that would soon be adopted by every console maker.

To celebrate 15 years of the PlayStation, Sony is offering free themes for PS3 and PSP on the PS Store, a PS Home commemorative PS1 “ornament” for your avatar to sit and stare at, and weekly discounts on PS1 titles from the PS Store.

4 thoughts on “PlayStation is 15 Years Old

  1. i was thinking the Sega CD was first with CD games, it did in fact suck, but i do believe it to be out before the PS1. now that i think about it i think i had my Sega Saturn before the PS1 was out, could be wrong there. maybe i should go look at the Manu date on it…

  2. Yeah, I definately had a Mega CD and Phillips CD-i before my PS1. If I remembr correctly, even the 3D0 was also out before it. Although, I believe the PS1 just beat the Saturn to market (at least in Japan)

  3. I still own a PS1. I remember when i bought it years ago, and since then PS1 is my favorite console, and it always will be. He is right here, right next to me at this very moment. All i gotta do is stretch my left hand to grab it. I will never abandon my sweetheart on dirty attic or basement!

    Happy birthday, my best friend!

    *kisses his PS1*

  4. Wow, I missed the party… Ah well, this was my favorite console ever. I have PS2 now. But the PS1 got me into gaming and it had every great game that moulded and shaped Gaming as we know it! :D

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