Talk Like a Pirate Day 2010

pirate postcard

Ahoy! You be one of them that can speak like a pirate? While pirates (the ones that sail the high seas) are generally considered to be on the other side of the law, we cannot deny their appeal. Why else have movies like Pirates of the Caribbean become so popular? (Of course, Johnny Depp being in the movie has a lot to do with its success as well.)

Quite obviously, I am not skilled in imitating pirate talk, but there are some people who are! I suppose no one is better than friends John Baur and Mark Summers – the guys behind International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

As the story goes, these two guys were playing racquetball in 1995 when they came up with the idea of using talking like the seafarers of old. September 19 was the chosen date – simply because Mark couldn’t think of any other date and this was the only date that he could remember since it was his ex-wife’s birthday. Talk Like a Pirate Day initially wasn’t that big of a deal, but they got the break they needed in 2002. So now we have this pretty cool holiday, thanks to the guys. (Read more details about the history in their web site.)

So what happens on this holiday? Simple. Follow the name of the holiday. Of course, you can’t simply growl and snarl and say you’re talking like a pirate. Check out the resources available in the web site to learn how to talk line a pirate. They also have a translator, among other things.

While this year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day is over, who’s stopping you from organizing a late celebration? Any excuse for a party and be silly, right?

Photo credit: ste3ve

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