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Thanks to Franky I’ve become familiar with the artist Banksy. After reading all posts here and seeing videos inspired by his art work I have read about him on several other websites. From what I have read of him he seems a bit like Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. Both of them don’t seek publicity nor strive to make big bucks by marketing their products. This in a way speaks to me, as they are artist who care more for their work than their cash flow.

I have one tattoo for somewhat over a year and a half and I took a long time to decide on it. Since then I have been looking for text or an art piece that speaks to me to make my next tattoo. In this mind set I went searching for Banksy tattoos to see how people implement them. I have listed seven here that I found interesting. The most popular one is “Girl with heart balloon”, which a lot of people have as tattoo on different body parts and in combination with their text of choice.

Banksy art is definitely on my consideration list for the next tattoo.


banksy6 7 Banksy Tattoos


Girl with heart balloon

banksy1 7 Banksy Tattoos


Girl with heart balloon

banksy2 7 Banksy Tattoos

Girl with heart

banksy3 7 Banksy Tattoos

Girl with heart balloon

banksy4 7 Banksy Tattoos



banksy5 e1287521141386 7 Banksy Tattoos

Girl hugging a bomb

banksy7 7 Banksy Tattoos

Having a Banksy tattoo is quite meta if you think about it; originally a graffiti which is considered art by many who even protect his graffiti with plastic. Any readers here have a Banksy tattoo?

4 thoughts on “7 Banksy Tattoos

  1. Silly me sadly never has thought of a Banksy tattoo. Or even looked up Banksy tattoos. It seems the perfect tattoo mashup together with select Chuck Palahniuk quotes.

    1. I keep hearing about Chuck Palahniuk, I should get one of his book and read what it is all about. Kurt Vonnegut’s quotes are also very popular for tattoos. I’m planning on reading Slaughterhouse Five to understand the quotes I have seen in tattoos so far.

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