Can’t Sleep? Get One of these Geeky Beds

I have always had trouble sleeping at night, but the idea that my bed could be the culprit has never really entered my mind until now. After all, I have had my fair share of beds over the years, and the sleep problem is still there. With these geeky beds, though, I just might have found a cure. Or, maybe, I would not be able to sleep even more because of the sheer excitement of having one of them.  At the very least, though, one is sure to have a really fun time just staring at the beds.

If you’re into furniture, consider yourself warned – these beds look utterly delicious! (IF beds can be called that.)
ball bed 470x172 Cant Sleep? Get One of these Geeky Beds
This is called “feel seating” and is made by animi causa, a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Made of softballs that are interconnected, this bed can be converted into a sofa, or practically anything that you want it to be. I guess your imagination’s the limit?

 Cant Sleep? Get One of these Geeky Beds
If you’re a vampire – or you have illusions that you are one – then this Star Trek casket will be perfect for you. Actually, it might do insomniacs like me some good as it is sure to shut out all the noise and light. This bed is actually meant to be a casket (inspiration: STAR TREK II: The Wrath of Khan), but who says what you can and what you cannot use as a bed anyway?

This last bed gets all my votes.
2220274594 467fa7d4ae 470x352 Cant Sleep? Get One of these Geeky Beds

Books, books, and more books! How can you go wrong with a bed that doubles as a book shelf? But, where’s the bed?
2133710647 d1532fe741 470x313 Cant Sleep? Get One of these Geeky Beds

Inside the casing! Isn’t that just awesome? When it’s time for me to get a place of my own again, I think I know what my bedroom will look like.

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