Come Out of Your Feed Reader, Get off Twitter! Check Our New Design Out!

Old ForeverGeek design

It has taken us a really long time to decide whether to redesign or not. In all truth I was asked early 2009 already if FG needed a new design but there was something about the old design. The brand that ForeverGeek is had grown and was really recognisable but… times have changed and our content has changed and become more and more visual, with lots of images and video.

“…we want something simpler but spiffier”

Some days ago I already posted a teaser about the new design. We had finally decided to change and brought the awesomely talented Ia Lucero in to redesign our site. The brief was not simple but we are proud of the result:

  • Keep the legacy of the brand
  • Make things simpler, get rid of all the different categories
  • Let the content breathe more
  • Make it better looking

We wanted the content to be highlighted more, all while having a spiffy and wide design. If you haven’t already, you should really check out the ForeverGeek Homepage. Remember this? Have a good look at it because it ain’t anymore!

We will release the former ForeverGeek design as a free WordPress theme over the next weeks, over at BusinessLogs.

Like with every redesign, there still are some minor tweaks needed left and right but we are happy with the results. We love the homepage and also the tag cloud and media wall in the footer. Especially how some of our preferred tags such as The Dept. of Awesomeness and the Dept. of Want It! are highlighted now.

Have a look round ((I really recommend you to use Safari to check out everything)) and let us know in the comments what you think.


  1. rom_maniac says

    Putting the most recent posts at the bottom of the homepage? Really?

    Also, the Recent section links to the archive, which takes way too long to load, because it loads the links to every single article… and with the most recent at the bottom.

    • says

      Rom_maniac: ‘Recent’ is actually ‘The Rest’ (or ‘Other’). Thanks for the reminder, I will rename that now.

      The team is working at the archives page. It times out and because of that the ‘fancy style’ with the only the actual month is not displayed.

  2. Derek Smalls says

    I just want to come here and quickly skim through everything you’ve posted recently – so that I can the read the stuff that piques my interest.

    This new site design does not seem to allow that. This seems to be a very bad idea.

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