Most Successful Movies

Of course here at ForeverGeek most of us are movie fans and we do know better than one can imagine that there’s more than Star Wars only. Luckily many movies don’t make it and are never featured here on FG because in all honesty… Hollywood does produce more crap than anything else.

Nevertheless many movies rake in billions, especially if directed by James Cameron or produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. There’s no doubt that these guys will ever need a credit loan because it seems that they were born in a basket called ‘Success’. They didn’t need to sell any scripts to be able to produce their first full length feature like Tarantino, they just create hit after hit. We looked at the most popular movies in history and did some number crunching. The Infographiclabs then visualised all data for you.

most succesful movies w550 Most Successful Movies


  1. Pirates Of the carbine is my Favorite one , Didn’t like the Avatar, Don’t know why it get all this Propaganda around it

  2. Avatar was the best movie in 2010!

  3. Avatar was one of the best movies ever..


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