Peanuts Was Drawn For Adults

In 1977 David Desmond wrote a letter to the creator of Peanuts, Charles M. Schulz. He wrote Mr. Schulz to tell him how much he enjoys Peanuts and to ask how Mr. Schulz managed to create a comic for kids that also appeals to adults.

Much to his surprise Charles M. Schulz wrote him back with a surprising statement, that Peanuts is drawn for adults from the point of view of a child. According to Mr. Schulz a lot of the dialogue is beyond a child’s comprehension. If you are familiar with Peanuts you know a lot of the dialogue is about life and life lessons.


As for David Desmond it was amazing to receive a reply to his letter, which indeed is amazing. It’s not often you hear from famous creators of cartoons, comics and movies who take the time to decently answer back a letter. Although they do get a lot of fan mail of which I’m sure a few are worth answering back, like this one.

I can still recall the feelings of amazement and excitement that I experienced when I received this letter. Even then I understood that the production of a daily comic strip could be quite demanding, so for Charles M. Schulz to have take the time to reply to my letter made it that much more special.

As for the letter, I totally dig the yellow with Snoopy, his typewrite and the address: Number One Snoopy Place. It makes me as a Calvin and Hobbes fan wonder how Bill Watterson’s letters would be if he wasn’t such a private person and wrote to his fans.


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