Star Wars Droid Bathing Suit. R2D2 Has Never Looked So Curvy

R2D2 Bathing Suit

Judging from the feminist attacks I received when I wrote my Star Wars Corsets article, which by the way I meant no ill will towards women with, I chose to take a slightly safer approach this time, so I introduce to you the Droid bathing suit from Black Milk (notice the single piece, body covering design).

The Droid outfit is debuting in Australia where the summer is about to begin as our bleak, cold, wet Autumn and Winter take over the U.S.

So what do you think? Can you really enjoy the view at the beach if the swimmer looks like a curvy version of R2D2?

For $85 only true Star Wars fans will be partaking in this Swim Suit, but perhaps a C3P0 gold version will also arrive, you know, to bring a little bit of golden color touched class to the beaches of Australia. [via Fashionably Geek]


  1. Caleb G. says

    actually, a C3PO one could look pretty stylish if done correctly, I think. what with the dark black band at the waist and the shiny aspect . . . Might not even immediately scream “STAR WARS” as much as this one does.


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