TRON LEGACY Suits: Am Lovin’ All the Leather

The original Tron movie has been sitting idle in my hard drive for the longest time, and I really do have to watch it before the new movie comes out.  While I wait for the chance to sit down and focus on that movie, I shall content myself with drooling at these new suits from Universal Designs.  With a tagline “Welcome to a World Where Leather Rules,” you really can’t go wrong, can you?

They are now selling leather motorcycle suits – for both men and women – that I think are pretty cool.  The next time you have a costume party (Halloween’s coming up!), you just might win costume of the night!

Screen shot 2010 10 13 at 12.38.05 AM TRON LEGACY Suits: Am Lovin All the Leather Here’s a nicer photo for the Sam Flynn TRON LEGACY Suit. sam large 560x746 470x626 TRON LEGACY Suits: Am Lovin All the Leather Not too keen on the model, but the suit is pretty cool, don’t you think?  It goes for $995 for the whole set – you can buy the jacket, gloves, pants, and boots separately.

Now for the women:

quorra large 560x744 470x624 TRON LEGACY Suits: Am Lovin All the Leather

This get up is cheaper at $899.

If you have that much cash to burn and you want your own, check them out at the Universal Designs site.

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