When Pac-Man Goes Wrong

Wait – is that even possible?  How can you go wrong with Pac-Man?  We’ve seen some of the coolest pieces of merchandise following the Pac-Man theme, but who would have thought that there is some really bad (in the original sense) stuff out there?  I came across a collection of the 10 Absolutely Horrible Pieces of Pac-Man Merchandise earlier, and boy, do I have to agree with the writer!

Here are the three at the bottom of the pit.

Pac-Man Angel

Pac Man Angel When Pac Man Goes Wrong

Que horror!  I am not into angel figurines (and yes, I do believe in angels) but I don’t have anything against them either.  When something looks like this, though, I don’t know who should be horrified more – angels or Pac-Man!

Pac-Man Puppets

Pac Man Whore Dolls When Pac Man Goes Wrong
I don’t get it. I just don’t.  I don’t even have to add a description to this photo.  These puppets are plain awful.  They’re not even funny! (Although I don’t know if funny was what the creator was going for.)

Pac-Man Lingerie

Pac Man lingerie When Pac Man Goes Wrong
How can you go wrong with lingerie? Well, one look at that photo and you’ll know how. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I don’t like purple all that much? Purple and yellow – even worse.  The whole look just makes me want to put my hands over my eyes.  Or maybe it’s just me?

So what do you guys think?  Are these Pac-Man things absolutely distasteful or am I just overreacting?

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  1. Yeah, you’re just overreacting.

    But yeah, okay, why does she have to pull up that flap? That’s sick, and not in a good way either.

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