Adidas Facebook And Twitter Superstars


Gerry Mckay a web designer from Glasgow has created two Adidas Superstars concept based on social networks. Adidas Superstars sneakers were wildly popular about 13 years ago, but they are still selling well. There are even versions that comes with markers so that you can color or write on them.

Gerry Mckay took the idea a whole step further by designing a Twitter and Facebook special edition of Superstars. Both version have a complete style guide with colors, fonts, laces, logo and slogans. If you are an Adidas fan and like Twitter or Facebook these concept photos will leave you wanting one.


Blue is my favorite color, and if the Facebook Superstar was real I would buy it for the color only. Back in high-school I owned two Superstars the original black striped one and a light blue striped one not much unlike the Twitter Superstar blue.


This concept made me think why large brands like Adidas and Nike aren’t closing deals with popular social networks. In an era were kids grow up with internet totally integrated in their life, I wouldn’t be surprised if they bought shoes and clothes branded by their favorites online “hang out”.

I remember in high-school when Michael Jordan was the sport icon, lots of guys wore the Air Jordan sneakers. Now that being a geek is more a pro then a con unlike a few years ago, I say bring on the geek branded clothes and shoes.



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