Genus Aves Iratus (Angry Birds)

I don’t own any game console, I don’t have any games installed on my computer, the only game I own and play daily is, Angry Birds. Since I got the iPhone 4 which is much faster then my previous iPhone 3G, I went ahead an downloaded the trial version of Angry Birds. Since then I finished all the levels, bought the complete app, finished all the levels and now I’m busy with the Halloween edition.

Needless to say, I have an Angry Birds addiction. After passing all the levels I still have to get three stars on all of the levels in which I only got one or two stars. It’s a simple game that requires some tactic to complete with maximum score. Those birds are more familiar to me then the ones I see outside my window. In the sense that I know how heavy they are, their aerodynamics details, etc.

I’m not the only one, the game has become so popular that amazing fan arts are starting to surface. Like this illustration based on an Ornithological documentation.

Angry Birds

This wonderful illustration was made by Zero Lives to celebrate that he(or she) finished all levels in the Halloween edition. That’s dedication!

I have said it before, I like art based on modern day culture and the “Genus Aves Iratus” fits right there.

An extra link goody for you; If you are into the Angry Birds game, check out There you can find tip and trick, a forum and a game map of each game with a walkthrough.

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