Star Wars Baking Supplies, To Sci-Fi Up Your Holiday Spirit

Darth Vader Spatula

Williams-Sonoma wants you to have a happy holiday season in a galaxy far far away. The high end cooking outlet this week announced the arrival of Star Wars pancake molds and a very cool spatula.

The Darth Vader spatula is priced at just $12 (cheap by Williams-Sonoma standards) and is ready for purchase both in their stores and online. The spatula features a flexible nylon-silicone head is heat-resistant and will not scratch nonstick pans and a sleek stainless-steel handle provides a secure grip.

Also available are a set of pancake molds which feature Yoda, Darth Vader and a stormtrooper will run you $19.95 and feature nonstick steel.

I’m not sure where the fighter molds came from in the above picture, I couldn’t find them on the company website, however we do have a picture of the character pancake molds:

Star Wars Cookie Supplies For these items and other Star Wars based cooking supplies you can visit the official William-Sonoma online store, HERE.

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