Geek Jewelry Christmas Present Ideas [Hint!]


A comment notification in my Inbox led me to an old post that I might have otherwise forgotten: the Caffeine Molecule Necklace. Thanks to Kaya, I discovered an online jewelry shop that kicks butt; and trust me, it is not your ordinary jewelry store! Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, and here are some items that just might find their way to your shopping list – or maybe your wish list!

Boutique Academia ((Online Store: Boutique Academia)) has an impressive collection of accessories for both men and women – accessories which are “smart but subtle”. For now, they only have jewelry pieces, but they aim to have more accessories in the future – something that I am sure you will look forward to after seeing reading this post.

Talk about smart but subtle – what do you think these earrings represent?  Trees?  Mother Nature?  Close enough. Hint: the earrings represent a cell that is electrically excitable and transmits information. I know that my cells got quite excited about the prospect of owning a pair of these earrings! $18.99 for a pair. neuron earrings

The uninitiated might simply remark “What a cute penguin!” if they see this pendant, but I know you know better.  Linux fanboys and fangirls – here’s another chance to show off!

This pendant-necklace is a little less subtle as the previous items as no one can miss the label. Adrenaline junkies will not be able to resist this one. While I am no adrenaline junkie, I have to say that the red got me. The necklace goes for $21.99.

Serotonin is the happy chemical, and this pendant-necklace will certainly contribute to one’s happiness – for the same price as the Adrenaline necklace.

If I had to choose, though, I would choose Theobromine – the chemical found in chocolate. Let’s speak Greek for a bit. The root words are: theo, which means God and brosi, which means food. Chocolate? Food for the Gods. I’ll settle for food for ME.

Let’s go mathematical now. I don’t need to tell you what this pendant stands for, do I? ((Fibonacci))

They also sell this in other color schemes.

THIS is the pièce de résistance, folks. I really need not say anything more about it, do I?  I want!!!

Geek gals (and boys), show this post to your significant other (if you have one; if you don’t, then show it to your friends and family members) and drop a hint that cannot be mistaken for anything else.



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