Tron and Tron: Legacy Posters

I have to confess that I never saw Tron and was not aware of its existence until the buzz about Tron: Legacy started. Now that Twitter is filled with comments by people who saw Tron Legacy, my interest has been piqued. Meanwhile a lot of video clips and fan art are showing up making it clear that this movie is to be seen on the big screen.

Last month Robin posted every Tron: Legacy images available then. With the movie currently showing and people talking about it, it has become a must see and get to know cult movie for me. Can you say Tron is a cult movie? I’m going with cult for a movie first released in 1981 which is 29 years ago and still garners a lot of attention today.

Tron: Legacy isn’t out yet here in the Netherlands so I have time to see Tron first to catch on all the hype. Do check out these posters made by artists/Tron fans.

Tron Legacy by *turk1672

I was fed up of seeing so much slick and glossy poster versions of the forthcoming Tron sequel that I felt like doing a “dirty” version. I tried to make it look like an old style movie poster complete with fold marks and coffee stains! -turk1672

The Countdown to Tron Legacy

James White designed one Tron number each day starting with number nine. He quietly posted them online and after two number people where caught up with it awaiting a new number each day. View each individual number on James’s Flickr.

Eric Tan’s posters

Eric Tan designed a retro poster for Tron and Tron: Legacy which was sold in limited edition on Mondotees. From what you can read on the blog the posters sold out right away leaving some people angry about missing out.

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